Language, Speech and Hearing

Hearing Screening

Indiana State Law requires hearing screening for students in the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth grade, students who have a history of hearing problems, new students to the Delaware Community School District, and students who have a known hearing loss. The speech and language therapist informs parents of any hearing problems or changes in their child's hearing acuity. Parents may call Albany Elementary at any time to request a hearing test for their child.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech therapy is provided for students who have difficulty pronouncing sounds, stutter, or have a voice disorder. Language therapy is provided for students who have delayed language or who need vocabulary development. To be eligible to receive speech or language therapy, each student who receives speech and/or language therapy must be referred to the speech therapist and evaluated.

The parent meets with the speech therapist and discusses the results of the evaluation. If the student's evaluation indicates that speech and /or language therapy is needed, a plan is written for the therapy. This plan is called the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Each student who receives speech and/or language therapy and goals for therapy. The speech therapist and classroom teacher set a time that does not interfere with classroom activities for the students to come to speech. Parents may request information about their child's speech and language development by contacting the speech therapist at Albany Elementary.




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