Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos from teachers and students who have received grants and scholarships from the Del-Com Foundation.

Mrs. Nanette Triplett, Delta MS teacher
Egg Incubators

Junior Jackson Boyle
Mr. Terry Summers, Delta HS teacher
Science probes

Mrs. Jen Kile, Mrs. Lynde Bratton, Royerton Elementary 5th Grade teachers
I-Pad Devices in the Classroom

Mrs. Lisa McKee, Eaton Elementary academic teaching coach
21st Century Readers program

Mrs. Teresa Schwer, Royerton Elementary art teacher
Lunch Time Lichtensteins

Mrs. Michelle Alley, Royerton Elementary teacher
Ten Frame Center materials

Shayla Shirk and Nakkia Patrick, Delta Middle teachers
Bouncy Bands for Seats

Mrs. Jennifer Conti, Royerton Elementary counselor
After school group materials

Miss Amanda Lewis, Delta HS teacher
Adapted laptops for severe/moderate special education

Senior Rachael Hiatt
Miss Rebekah Weaver, DHS and DMS Band Director
Music tuners, metronomes, and voice recorders

Mr. Kurt Griffis, Delta MS technology education teacher
Urban Garden Towers

Mr. Byron Banta, Delta MS science teacher
Science Microscopes

Mrs. Adrianne Henderson, Eaton music teacher
Music Technology

Mrs. Elizabeth Lay, Eaton Elementary counselor
Counseling Department MacBook