Del-Com Schools Earn "A" Grades

Del-Com Schools Earn "A" Grades
Posted on 12/20/2016
Eaton School GradeParents trust Delaware Community Schools to provide an outstanding education for their students.  Recent ratings from the Indiana Department of Education continue to show that Del-Com Schools is worthy of that trust.

In the latest IDOE school accountability rankings released in mid-December, Eaton Elementary and Royerton Elementary schools were designated as an "A" school for the sixth consecutive year (from 2011 through 2016).

Royerton Elementary has been honored as one of Indiana’s Four Star Schools for both the 2013-14 and the 2014-15 school years. Eaton also earned Four-Star designtion in 2013-2014.  A school must be in the top 25th percentile of schools in two ISTEP-based categories.  Additionally, a qualifying school must have earned an “A” in the state’s accountability system.   

Delta High School, which also was named a Four-Star school in 2013-2014, has earned an "A" accountability rating in four of the past five years.  This year's rating came in at "B" for DHS. 

Albany Elementary has been an "A" school twice since 2010 and received a "B" grade in the 2016 rankings.

Delta Middle School rose its rating to "A" in 2014 and repeated that "A" designation in 2015. DMS received a "D" grade in the 2016 rankings.

Signs recently were installed near the entrances to each building to commemorate the "A" ratings.  These signs will serve to remind us all that education of our students is a continual work in progress that requires the contributions of educators, parents and guardians, and students.

Royerton School Grade

Eaton Elementary School grade

Delta High School grade

Delta Middle School grade

Albany Elementary School grade