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Remember the M.O.P. Rules

M stands for Me:            Will this hurt me or get me into trouble?

O stands for Others:     Will this hurt others or get others into trouble?

P stands for Property:  Will this hurt someone's property?


    2015-16    SUPPLY LISTS




Lunch Schedule


K:   10:40-11:10

1st:  10:55-11:25

2nd:  11:20-11:50

3rd:  11:30-12:00

4th:  12:00-12:30

5th:  12:10-12:40



Welcome to 
Royerton Elementary





Message from Mr. Marshall

Welcome to all returning and new Royerton students and families!!!   I am very excited to work with all of our students, parents, and staff again this year.    We would like to welcome Emily Tinkle - Kindergarten teacher, Lindsay Roberts – second grade teacher, Kenna Fisher – fourth grade teacher, and Susan Wolfgang - fourth grade teacher.

A solid working relationship in educating your child(ren) is our goal.  A newsletter will be distributed every two weeks via email to inform families of the exciting things going on at school.  If you do not have computer access, you may sign up to receive a hard copy of the newsletter.  If you have questions regarding school information, please call us at 282-2044. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.  A rules folder came home Wednesday with your child that explains many policies and procedures.  Please be sure to review, fill out any necessary paperwork, and return to your child’s teacher. 



Please call the school by 8:30 a.m. if your child is not going to attend school with the reason for his/her absence.  If your child has a doctor’s appointment, please be sure to get a doctor’s excuse for his/her absence as well.  In order for your child to receive an excellent attendance award at the end of the school year, a doctor’s excuse is required to excuse the absence.  Perfect attendance is awarded at the end of the school year for students who have not missed any day, left early, or come late to school for the whole year. 



7:30             Students will be allowed to go to the gym and breakfast

7:40             Students dismissed to classrooms

7:40 to 7:50  GO Time!  (GO stands for Get Organized.  This is a specific time of day that students will be organizing themselves for their day of learning.)

7:50             Tardy bell rings                                                              2:25             K-1 bus students, Latchkey, and Car Pick-Up Dismissal      2:35             2nd-5th grade students who are riding the bus are dismissed.  



ATTENTION ALL RESPONSIBLE STUDENTS!  The Royerton Student Council will be holding elections very soon.  Each classroom will have their election on Thursday, Aug. 27th.  Campaign posters are mandatory and should be displayed on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 26th  & 27th.  Our first meeting will be on Thursday, Sept. 3rd.   The Student Council is an organization composed of two elected representatives from each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.  The purpose of the Royerton Student Council is to promote good citizenship and a sense of responsibility.



Food Service is hiring.  Part-time hours available, same schedule as the students, get to work with kids of all ages! Anyone interested, please fill out an application.  It is available on www.delcomschools.org.



Have you heard your child say something about GO Time!? As you know, students can be dropped off at school beginning at 7:30 A.M. and report to the gym where Mr. Marshall, Mrs. McGuire, Miss Conti, and others greet them and prepare them for their day of learning.  At 7:40 A.M. students report to their classroom for GO Time! and begin to Get Organized for their day. Students do several things during GO Time! such as: unpack their book bag, turn in homework, record today’s work in their agenda, make their lunch choice, etc.  GO Time! is from 7:40 A.M. to 7:50 A.M. 



Book Rental will not be available for you to pay around August 31st.  More information about this will be announced in a future newsletter. 

Kindergarten - $82.03

1st Grade - $102.36

2nd Grade - $107.20

3rd Grade - $105.31

4th Grade - $103.56

5th Grade - $104.72



Lunch prices for 2015-16 are as follows: 


Elem Student = $1.30

Middle/High Student = $1.30

Reduced = $ .30

Ala Carte Milk = $ .50

Adult = $1.75



Elem Student = $2.40

Middle/High Student = $2.60

Reduced = $ .40

Adult = $3.25

Delaware Community Schools includes low fat/reduced calorie lunch options for our students.  In an effort to promote wellness and good nutrition, we are asking for your cooperation in not bringing food from outside vendors and/or restaurants to the school. 


Application for Free/Reduced Meals

Any student who qualifies for free lunches also qualifies for free breakfast.  If you have any questions, please contact Haley Cross, Food Service Director, at 747-0879, or hcross@delcomschools.org.




Communicating with our parents is very important to us!  Email and voicemail are communication tools that are rapidly increasing in use when communicating with teachers.  Since our teachers are focusing on teaching their students during school hours, we cannot expect them to answer emails/voicemails immediately or sometimes even that same day.   (Also, when emails are received, sometimes our system automatically regards the email as SPAM and thus, teachers may never see the email.) It is the expectation of the Delaware Community Schools that teachers will respond to a parent’s email/voicemail within 48 hours of receiving it because communication between school and home is vital for your child’s education.  If you have not received a reply after 48 hours, please contact the classroom teacher again since there may have been a “glitch” in them receiving it. If it is an emergency, please give us a call. 

If there are changes to your child’s normal end-of-the-day dismissal procedures, please send a written note to your child’s teacher that morning.  If an emergency arises during the school day and you need to make a change for your child’s afternoon dismissal, please do not leave a message on the teacher’s email or voicemail, but rather call the front office at 282-2044 by 2:00 pm.



Visitors to our school are welcome and encouraged.  When visiting our school, please come to the west entrance where you will press the buzzer and state your purpose for your visit.  Upon entering the building, please register in the office and pick up your visitor’s badge.  When leaving the building, we ask that you return the badge and sign out. 



At Royerton Elementary, we implement a school-wide program designed to help students stop and think before they act and make good choices.  The acronym is M.O.P. and it stands for “Me, Others, and Property.”  The question that we want students to ask themselves before making a choice is, “could this hurt me, others, or property?”  Mr. Marshall, Miss Conti, and Mrs. McGuire met with each grade level last week to review these rules.  We feel it is important that everyone in the school is using the common language of the M.O.P. rules.  We encourage you to reinforce the concepts at home.  Miss Conti, Mrs. McGuire, and Mr. Marshall will present a M.O.P. lesson to the students a few times throughout the school year.  Visual prompts, including posters and mops, are displayed around the school to support the concept. Thank you for your support and cooperation with this matter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Conti at 282-2044. 



The Delaware Community School Corporation provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities attending school activities.  If you or a guest plan to attend an event at one of our schools and require special accommodations, please call the school at least 48 hours in advance so the school may have a reasonable opportunity to provide an accommodation.



Delaware Community School has reopened the Safety Tip Line.  The new tip line is being provided by Com Net.  If you would like to report school safety concerns, please contact Royerton Elementary at 282-2044 and ask for Mr. Marshall or Mrs. McGuire or you can call the tip line after school hours to report your general school safety concerns.  In case of an immediate emergency, patrons would always call 911.  The phone number for the Safety Tip Line is 747-1632.   Thank you.



      Play it Forward

Accelerated Reader Book List


Sexual Harassment Policy


Need to Email a Teacher

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Kindergarten          Mrs. Carmichael               Mrs. Gardner                     Mrs. Huber                           Miss Tinkle

1st grade                      Mrs. Alley                           Mrs. Davis                          Mrs. Green                         Mrs. Stewart

2nd grade                    Mrs. Clements                   Mrs. Frederick                  Miss Roberts                     Mrs. Shaw

3rd grade                     Mrs. Hopper                      Miss Orman                       Mrs. Toney

4th grade                     Mrs. Clark                          Mrs. Fisher                          Mr. Parrott                         Mrs. Wolfgang

5th grade                     Mrs. Bratton                      Mrs. Foltz                            Mr. Kelly                            Mrs. Kile                           

P.E.                                     Mr. Fant

Art                                     Mrs. Schwer

Music                              Mrs. Eichhorn

Special Education  Mrs. Crouse                      Mrs. Smith

Speech                           Mrs. Weiseman

High Ability             Mrs. Harman

Counseling                Miss Conti

Latchkey                     Mrs. Huddleston

Asst. Principal        Mrs. McGuire

Principal                        Mr. Marshall