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Remember the M.O.P. Rules

M stands for Me:  Will this hurt me or get me into trouble?

O stands for Others:  Will this hurt others or get others into trouble?

P stands for Property:  Will this hurt someone's property?


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Welcome to 
Royerton Elementary

At Royerton, we focus on more than just the 4R's. In cooperation with parents and community, we are dedicated to providing students the opportunity to become responsible, reliable, receptive, respectful, resourceful, and ready for the future.  As you read about Royerton Elementary, you will see why parents are anxious for their children to be a part of our Royerton family.  



Royerton Elementary News

Royerton Elementary News  



We have had a WONDERFUL start to the school year.  Your children are truly a blessing to work with each day.  We are all anticipating exciting learning days ahead as we partner with you this school year.  Thank you for what you have done already in preparing your child every day.



If your child is not going to attend school, please call the school by 8:30 a.m. with the reason for his/her absence.  If your child has a doctor’s appointment, please be sure to get a doctor’s excuse for his/her absence as well.  In order for your child to receive an excellent attendance award at the end of the school year, a doctor’s excuse is required to excuse the absence.  Perfect attendance is awarded at the end of the school year for students who have not missed any day, left early, or come late to school for the whole year. 


We do have a NEW attendance policy.  Be sure to review this closely in your child’s rule folder.



Have you heard your child say something about GO Time!? As you know, students can be dropped off at school beginning at 7:30 A.M. and report to the gym where Mr. Marshall, Mrs. McGuire, Miss Conti, and others greet them and prepare them for their day of learning.  At 7:40 A.M. students report to their classroom for GO Time! and begin to Get Organized for their day. Students do several things during GO Time! such as: unpack their book bag, turn in homework, record today’s work in their agenda, make their lunch choice, etc.  GO Time! is from 7:40 A.M. to 7:50 A.M. 



7:30             Students will be allowed to go to the gym and breakfast

7:40             Students dismissed to classrooms

7:40 to 7:50  GO Time!  (GO stands for GET ORGANIZED.  This is a specific time of day that students will be organizing themselves for their day of learning.)

7:50             Tardy bell rings

2:25             K-1 bus students, Latchkey, and Car Pick-Up Dismissal

2:30             2nd – 5th grade students who are riding the Bus are dismissed


M.O.P. Program

At Royerton Elementary, we implement a school wide program designed to help students stop and think before they act and make good choices.  The acronym is M.O.P. and it stands for “Me, Others, and Property.”  The question that we want students to ask themselves before making a choice is, “could this hurt me, others, or property?”  Mr. Marshall, Miss Conti, and Mrs. McGuire met with each grade level last week to review these rules.  We feel it is important that everyone in the school is using the common language of the M.O.P. rules.  We encourage you to reinforce the concepts at home.  Miss Conti, Mrs. McGuire, and Mr. Marshall will present a M.O.P. lesson to the students a few times throughout the school year.  Visual prompts, including posters and mops, are displayed around the school to support the concept. Thank you for your support and cooperation with this matter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Conti at 282-2044.



Your child’s safety is VERY important to us, and communication between home and school is imperative for this to occur. Due to the large volume of phone calls that are received during the day, please make sure that the necessary arrangements for transportation are made for your child each day before your child comes to school.  If your child’s regular end-of-the-day plans are different for that school day, please send a note with your child.  A copy of the note is then made for the office.  If a change occurs during the school day due to an emergency, please call the office to let us know of the change.  A message will be given to your child and your child’s teacher.  If we do not have a note or a phone call from home for a change, we will send students home the way they normally go.  Thank you!!!



We would like to remind all parents of the opportunity to use the Honeywell Instant Alert Message System.  All new students have now been entered into the system with the default set as the phone number you provided through online registration.  Please know that you have the ability to manage this system so that you would be able to receive alerts through phone calls, emails, and text messages. 




We thank our many wonderful volunteers that help our students each day at Royerton Elementary.  To help ensure the safety of our students, Delaware Community School Corporation has a new policy for our volunteers.  Any volunteer must fill out a Volunteer Approval Form if they volunteer for the following:

a.       Field trip

b.      Working with students in a room other than the regular classroom without Del-Com faculty/staff member’s direct supervision.

c.       Any overnight trip.

If a person who wants to volunteer with a class falls under any of the above qualifications they must:

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Approval Form that is located in the office
  2. Provide a driver’s license to be copied (both sides of licence.)  A background check will be processed at Central Office and will be valid for one school year for all Del-Com Schools.
  3. If you are asked by our teachers to be a volunteer as described above, please come to the elementary office and we will be able to help you through the process.  Thank you in advance for understanding our policy and working with us to ensure a safe environment for our student




We are off to a great start in Music class, ordering recorders, reading notes, listening to Richard Strauss’s “Thus Spoke Zarathusrta,” and so much more.

Our after school groups for Fourth and Fifth grades, Royerton Rockers and Redbird Choir, were finalized today.  With all of the instruments and music needed for

our entire school to have what they need for class and programs, we have a fundraiser to cover the many expenses.  Last year, our fundraiser provided the funds for fifteen guitars, books, and a specially made mobile rack to house the guitars in addition to choir/rocker music and program music.  This year, we hope to replace some of the mallet instruments that are falling apart and purchase a few ukulele’s.  In addition, our Choir and Rockers will be selling cookie dough and magazines to earn money for their trip to Washington D.C.  We’re calling this the Mrs. Morris Washington D.C. Legacy trip!  Our fundraiser starts August 25th.  Thank you for helping them out this year and for your continued support of the Royerton Music program!

One of our fabulous resources is MUSIC EXPRESS MAGAZINE.  Your students can utilize this online resource at home.  Go to musicexpressmagazine.com and click the STUDENT RESOURCE tab.



Our first PTO meeting of the school year will be held on Thursday, September 11th, at 6:30 p.m. in our library.  Childcare is provided in Mrs. Huber’s kindergarten classroom.  Please come and get involved in the many wonderful ways PTO supports our school!



The Delta High School cheerleaders will be having their annual Football Cheer Clinic on Friday, September 5th.  The clinic will run from 4:00- 7:30 and then move to the football field, where they will cheer with the high school cheerleaders until half-time. Participants will work on cheers, chants, jumps, stunts and tumbling skills.

The cost of the clinic is $30 with additional children in the same family being $20. Cost includes a t-shirt, pizza, snack and drink.  For more information, contact Janet Wright at 765-215-5439 or email at:  Jkwright90@comcast.net


Come join the fun and show your school spirit.  Go Eagles!!




Kindergarten - $82.93

1st Grade - $104.50

2nd Grade - $109.66

3rd Grade - $105.13

4th Grade - $105.13

5th Grade - $106.38




Elem Student = $1.30

Middle/High Student = $1.30

Reduced = $ .30

Ala Carte Milk = $ .50

Adult = $1.75



Elem Student = $2.30

Middle/High Student = $2.50

Reduced = $ .40

Adult = $3.00



The Delaware Community School Corporation provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities attending school activities.  If you or a guest plan to attend an event at one of our schools and require special accommodations, please call the school at least 48 hours in advance so the school may have a reasonable opportunity to provide an accommodation.



Delaware Community School has reopened the Safety Tip Line.  The new tip line is being provided by Com Net.  If you would like to report school safety concerns, please contact Royerton Elementary at 282-2044 and ask for Mr. Marshall or Mrs. McGuire or you can call the tip line after school hours to report your general school safety concerns.  In case of an immediate emergency, patrons would always call 911.  The phone number for the Safety Tip Line is 747-1632.   Thank you.



   Play it Forward

Accelerated Reader Book List


Sexual Harassment Policy


Need to Contact a Teacher?

Kindergarten -  Mrs.  Carmichael, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Huber

1st grade -  Mrs. AddingtonMrs. Baker, Mrs. GreenMrs. Stewart

2nd grade -  Mrs. Clements, Mrs. FrederickMrs. Shaw

3rd grade -  Mrs. Hopper, Miss Orman, Mr. Parrott, Mrs. Toney

4th grade - Mrs. Alley, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Emrick,  Miss Guerrero,

5th grade -    Mrs. FoltzMr. Kelly, Mrs. Kile, Mrs. Bratton 

P.E. - Mr. Fant

Art - Mrs. Schwer

Music - Mrs. Eichhorn

Special Education - Mrs. Crouse, Mrs. Smith

Speech - Mrs. Weiseman

High Ability - Mrs. Harman

Counseling - Miss Conti

Latchkey - Mrs. Huddleston

Asst. Principal - Mrs. McGuire

Principal - Mr. Marshall