Honor an Educator Board

DelCom Honor an Educator Board

The "Honor An Educator" program was created to recognize our Delaware Community Schools educators and special individuals in our proud community who have made a significant and lasting difference in the lives of others.

Honor an Educator board

The "Honor an Educator" board is located inside Delta High School near the school's auditorium.

In 2017, the following Del-Com individuals were honored:

  Gold Award
   Cathy Howard
   Gary Seidner
   Jim Parsons

  Blue Award
    Monte Stebbins 

  Honor Award
    Camille Mealy

There are four levels of recognition on the "Honor an Educator" board.  Visits the links at left to find out more.

Honorees are sent a congratulatory letter as well as having a permanent memento of thanks and appreciation on the "Honor An Educator" board for their outstanding contribution to excellence in education in our community.

Through the generous support of the Delaware Community Schools Educational Foundation, all funds raised are placed into scholarship and grant funds which are redistributed into the DelCom Schools community.

Adjacent to the "Honor an Educator" board is a digital board powered by Sharp Business Systems.  This board promotes DelCom Foundation activities and recognizes our award winners.  

Sharp Digital Board