Tips for Chromebook Care

Do NOT remove your Chromebook from its case. Your case is designed to protect your Chromebook from damage. If anything happens to your Chromebook, please return it to school and allow the tech department to be the ones to remove the case and inspect your device.

Standards for Proper Chromebook Care
You are expected to follow all the specific guidelines listed in this document and take any additional common sense precautions to protect your assigned Chromebook.  Loss or damage resulting in failure to abide by the guidelines below may result in full financial responsibility.
Your Responsibilities: DelCom 1:1 Handbook Student Pledge
I will use my device in ways that are appropriate for education, as defined by the 1:1 Handbook and the Corporation’s Acceptable Use and Safety Policy.    
I will never leave my device unattended in an unsecured or unsupervised location.
I am responsible for any use of my Chromebook. I will not loan my device to other individuals.
I will bring my Chromebook to school each day and charge my device’s battery to full capacity each night.
I will keep food and beverages away from my device since they may cause damage to the device.
I will not disassemble any part of my device or attempt any repairs. I will only use school-provided cleaners, as others can cause damage to the touch screen. I will report any damage or problems to the school.    
I will protect my device by always carrying it in a secure manner to avoid damage. This includes keeping the lid down when walking, not stacking textbooks or other heavy materials on top of the chromebook, and carefully placing it in a backpack.
I understand the device I am issued is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of Delaware Community School Corporation.
I understand that Delaware Community School Corporation will monitor the device using a variety of methods to assure compliance with DelCom’s Acceptable Use Policy. All aspects of Delaware Community School Corporation’s Acceptable Use Policy remain in effect while using school devices and accounts both on and off school property. DelCom will provide content filtering inside and outside of our network. However, Delaware Community School Corporation does not have full control of the information on the Internet. Parents will need to monitor and be responsible for the content being accessed while students are at home.        
I will file a police report in case of theft outside of school.
I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect including dropping the device and will pay replacement costs.
I agree to return the device, power cord/charger, and any other issued accessories in good working condition at the end of each school year or when transferring out of the Delaware Community School Corporation.
Additional Tips for Chromebook Care        
Be careful when inserting cords, cables, and removable storage devices into your Chromebook.   
Do not touch the screen with a pen, a pencil or any other item.  The screen is sensitive and responds when you lightly touch it with your finger.  Do not use excessive pressure on the screen.
Place your Chromebook on level surfaces where it will not fall accidentally.
Do not place textbooks or other heavy objects on top of the Chromebook.    
Chromebooks should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, do not set your Chromebook on the dashboard of your car where temperatures may be extremely hot    
Chromebook lids should always be closed and tightly secured when moving. Do not carry your Chromebook while the screen is open.
Unplug your Chromebook when it is not charging.    
Never move a Chromebook by lifting from the screen. Always support a Chromebook from its bottom with lid closed.    
If carrying your Chromebook in your backpack, avoid sharp objects in your backpack around your Chromebook, and avoid throwing your backpack or leaving it in places where it can be accidentally kicked    
Do not lean or put pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed.    
Do not store the Chromebook with the screen in the open position.     
Do not lay a pen or similar object on the keyboard.  It you overlook the item and close the lid, the object is likely to damage the screen.    
Do not carry your Chromebook around with the power adapter plugged in.
Do not spray or wipe your Chromebook with any windex/household cleaner/water and/or cleaning cloth/wipes.