Taste of Del-Com

The 6th Annual Taste of Del-Com was Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at Delta High School.

Brad Himes bobblehead

Teacher Brad Himes was among the chefs at the 2017 Taste of DelCom with his bobblehead decoration.

6th Annual DelCom Educational Foundation

Awards and Recognition Night

“A Taste of DelCom”

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doors Open at 5:30 p.m. (Chef’s Parade @ 6:30 p.m.) Program Begins @ 7:00 p.m.

Delta High School Auxiliary Gymnasium

The foundation is sponsoring a fundraising dinner on April 5th that will be set up similar to the “100 Men Who Cook” fundraising event.  Teachers, administrators, and staff are once again being recruited to serve as the “cooks” for the evening.  Family and friends who attend this fundraiser for the DelCom Educational Foundation will have the opportunity to vote for the Top Chef of the evening by contributing monetary donations to the tip jar that will be provided for every cook. The Top Chef receives the coveted "Looney Lunch Lady" bobblehead award!

We will have fried chicken in addition to all of the dishes made by our cooks. The chefs will be asked to provide a dish of their choice for the meal.  The cooks should make enough of their chosen dish to provide 60-70 servings for the event.  Serving sizes will be smaller than a normal serving size as many different cooks will be offering their dishes that evening.  Cooks will be asked to provide their own serving spoon and a way to keep their dish hot or cold (limited electrical outlets).  All tableware will be provided.  Any cook who would like to provide their own containers for their dish may still do so (Solo cups, Styrofoam cups, etc.).  You may also choose to decorate your area of the table to reflect your theme of the food and increase your chances of getting tips.

Cooks may choose to enlist a “sous chef” to assist them that evening. The sous chef could be another staff member, student, or parent.   Cooks and sous chefs will not be required to purchase tickets for the event.   Friends and family who wish to attend the event may purchase tickets for $5 a person.  Tickets will be available for purchase at all DelCom Schools as well as at the door the night of the event. Delta graduate Dave Edwards, local insurance agent and assistant football coach, will be keynote speaker. Student scholarship winners will be announced along with teacher grant recipients. Joey Lynch Speaks Delta graduate Joey Lynch, offensive coordinator for Ball State football team, speaks at the 2016 Taste of DelCom. In 2017, these students received scholarships: Sydney Decker Landon Morgan Carter Anderson Tara Haney Jasmine Lykins Alexis Meacham Trenton Miller Gary (Alex) Thomas In 2017, these teachers received grants: Holly Mosier (technology) Emily Filler (technology) Brytany Pope (technology) Debbie Helfst (technology) Michelle Alley (Ten Frame Center Materials) Christy Bilby (technology) Shayla Shirk / Kia Patrick (Wiggle While We Work) Adrianne Henderson (elementary music tech) Lindsey Thompson (Delcom: Full Steam Ahead) Jennifer Conti (Inside out / After School Gr) Kia Patrick (Promoting Diversity) Karen Kirtley (Operating Safe DMS Food Lab) Meghan Frey (Relief Printmaking) Andy Lewman / Steve Wuthrich (Business Simulations) Lance Brand / Terry Summers / Todd Trehearne (Advanced Science and Agriculture) Nancy Kunk / Nicole Terry / Gary Seidner / Brian Brewer (Advanced Science and Agriculture) Amanda Lewis (technology) Emily Tressler (Visualizing / Verbalizing) Honor an Educator

Class of 2016 officer Jacob Brewer (left) speaks on behalf of retired custodian Bobby Blevins as Blevins is added to the Honor an Educator Board.
Taste of Del-Com scene
Some of the chef's dishes are displayed at a previous Taste of DelCom event.